Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

Bidang Kajian Penelitian Bisnis

Bisnis adalah multi disipliner. Disana ada berperan ilmu ekonomi, manajemen, akuntansi, teknik, lingkungan, psikologi dsb.  Banyak pakar yang telah mendefinisikan topik tentang riset bisnis antara lain:

Aspek utama
Finansial dan akuntansi
è Peramalan kecenderungan bunga bank
è Kajian merger dan akuisisi
è Kajian resiko dan keuntungan
è Analisis portofolio
è Penentuan nilai  modal
è Penentuan BEP
è Analisis biaya
è Optimasi biaya produksi
Manajemen dan perilaku organisasi
è Manajemen mutu terpadu
è Kepuasan kerja
è Gaya kepemimpinan
è Produktifitas
è Ergonomik
è Efektifitas organisasi
è Kajian struktur organisasi
è Iklim organisasi
è Komunikasi organisasi
è Time and motion study
è Potensi pasar
è Analisis pangsa pasar
è Analisis segmentasi pasar
è Efektivitas pemasaran
è Peramalan penjualan
è Kajian saluran distribusi
è Pengujian efektivitas produk baru
è Brand mapping
è Efektifitas periklanan
è Perilaku pembelian
è Kepuasan pelanggan

Secara lebih rinci, pertanyaan-pertanyaan seputar riset bisnis khususnya dalam bidang pemasaran diantaranya adalah:

Market segmentation studies
§ Who are my customers ?
§ What is the size of their population ?
§ Who many percentage in female ?
§ What are their age, races, income, educational level ?
§ What are their occupation, skills, interests and hobbies ?
§ Haw many children do they have ?
§ Do they have pets ?
§ Where do they live and work ?
Purchasing power and buying habits
§ How many rupiahs amount spent on purchases or products or services similar to mine ?
§ What is their current usage of my services ?
§ When do they purchase ?
§ Where do they shop ?
§ Why they decide to buy ? how often do they buy ?
§ How much do they buy at a time ?
§ Do they rent or own their home ?
§ What type of cars do their drive ?
§ How often do they eat out ?
§ How do they typically spend their disposable income ?
§ What methods of payment do they use ?
§ How strong is their credits ?
Psychological aspects of the markets
§ What reaction of the market to my programs or services ?
§ How does the market compare my company to others bussiness ?
§ What qualities and characteristic do my customer seem important ?
§ What are the deciding factor in making a purchase ?
§ Do their only want the best for their family ?
§ Are they looking for convience and time saving devices ?
§ Are they concerned with wow they are perceived by others ?
§ Do their demand incentives customer service ?
§ Are they only concerned with the lowest price ?
§ What medias are they exposed ?
§ What confuses my customers and prospects ?
Market place competition
§ Who are my primary competitors of the market ?
§ How do they compete with me ?
§ What are their strenghts and weakness ?
§ Are profitable opportunities base upon their weakness?
§ What are their market niche ?
§ What are makes my bussiness unique from the others ?
§ How do my competitors position them selves ?
§ Who their communicates their services to the markets ?
§ Who are their customers ?
§ How are their percieved by the market ?
§ Who are the industry leaders ?
§ What is their sales volume ?
§ Where are they located ?
§ Are they profitable ?
Environmental factors
§ What are the current and future population trends ?
§ What are the current and future socio-economic, political trends ?
§ What effect do economic-political policies have on the my target market ?
§ What are the growth expectations for my market ?
§ What out side factor influence the industry performance ?
§ What are the trend of this market and for the economy ?
§ Is the industry growing at the plateau or declining ?

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